Our Story

 The Refillables are the ones who will help you to save the world.


Did you know that over 100k plastic bottles are being used and

discarded per day? – that’s 38m per year!


We can’t stand by and watch this happen, and this is why

the Refillables was first imagined one sunny morning.


The vision: to make it easy for people to buy and

use essential items, whilst leaving a minimal impact on the world. 


It took over 2 years, a lot of personal growth and many

iterations to then launch The Refillables as we know it today. 


May you love the wholesomeness, love and most importantly 

the sweet soul of The Refillables and the community we have built,

we look forward to delivering your items to you doorstep very soon.


Support local. Support Mother Nature. Have a Purpose. Be A Refillable.